European Technology & Innovation Platform PhotoVoltaics

PV Quality Assurance & Reliability WG

The working group focusses on the quality and in particular the reliability of PV components and systems. We promote a holistic view on the influence of quality on the overall cost of PV electricity. Our objective is to increase the awareness for a comprehensive quality consideration starting in material and component production and covering all phases of a PV project down to operation and final dismantling. We want to identify the need for action required to safely satisfy demanding quality expectations of sustainable investments.

Working Group publications:

PV Quality and Economy (September 2018)

The strong growth of the PV sector is accompanied by high cost pressure, accelerated innovation cycles and dynamic deployment, clearly indicating that the quality of PV products and the holistic economy of PV electricity deserve special attention. PV is expected to deliver electricity at low LCOE, Energy Pay-Back Time (EPBT) and Product Environmental Footprint (PEF). This report defines quality as the ability of a product to meet demanding customer expectations while focusing on the impact of quality parameters on monetary, energy and environmental cost.



Harry Wirth, Fraunhofer ISE



David Moser, EURAC


WG Members:

Giovanna Adinolfi, ENEA C.R. Portici
Guido Agostinelli, World Bank Group
Karim Asali, First Solar
Brian Azzopardi, MCAST
Verónica Bermúdez, QEERI
Paolo V. Chiantore, BayWa r.e.
Venizelos Efthymiou, University of Cyprus
Peter Funtan, Fraunhofer IEE
Elias Garcia Goma, Eternal Sun
Ralph Gottschalg, Fraunhofer CSP
Giorgio Graditi, ENEA C.R. Portici
Norbert Henze, Fraunhofer IEE
Arnulf Jäger-Waldau, EC JRC
Ulrike Jahn, VDE Renewables
George Makrides, University of Cyprus
Philippe Malbranche, CEA / INES
Paula Mints, SPV Market Research
Guillermo Oviedo Hernandez, BayWa r.e.
Christos Protogeropoulos, Independent consultant
Alexander Rau, BayWa r.e.
Mauricio  Richter, 3E
Miki  Risita, ENEL Green Power
Vincente Salas, Universidad Carlos III   
Tony Sample, EC JRC
Wim C. Sinke, TNO
Marko Topic, University of Ljubljana UL-FE
Ioannis Tsanakas, CEA INES
Carolin Ulbrich, HZB für Materialien und Energie
Mike Van Iseghem, EDF R&D
Eszter Voroshazi, imec
Andreas Wade, First Solar
Vincent Weeda, FORTUM