ETIP Photovoltaics

Reliability and Circularity

The working group focusses on the quality and in particular the reliability of PV components and systems.

We promote a holistic view on the influence of quality on the overall cost of PV electricity. Our objective is to increase the awareness for a comprehensive quality consideration starting in material and component production and covering all phases of a PV project down to operation and final dismantling. We want to identify the need for action required to safely satisfy demanding quality expectations of sustainable investments..


David Moser, Eurac Research


Ulrike Jahn, Fraunhofer CSP
Delfina Muñoz, CEA Liten

WG Members:

Nora Adam, Baywa-re

Daniela Ariolli, Baywa-re

Louwen Aste, Eurac Research

Nicola Baggio, FuturaSun

Neill Bartie, Helmholtz Berlin

Jan Clyncke, PV Cycle

Martin Dennenmoser, Baywa-re

Lars Eric Wieth, Wacker Chemie

Paula Sanchez-Friera, Solkeys

Oreski Gernot, Polymer Competence Center Leoben 

Ralph Gottschlag, Fraunhofer CSP

Stefano Granate, Senergy Technical Services

Jean-François Guillemoles, CNRS

Jeff Kettle, Glasgow

Claudia Buerhop-Lutz, FZ Juelich

Marwah Mansha, GCL System Integration Technology 

Geert Palmers, Imec

Noémie Poize, Planaire

Benhur Possatto, Flextronics Institute of Technology

Pere Roca i Cabarrocas, IPVF

Jens Steemann Kristensen, Danish Institute of Fire and Security

Henry Snaith, Oxford University

Ioannis Tsanakas, CEA INES

Michelle Vaqueiro, University of New South Wales

Eszter Voroshazi, CEA INES

Büşra Yilmaz, Kameleon Solar

Working Group publications