European Technology & Innovation Platform PhotoVoltaics


ETIP PV Members share ETIP PV' Vision and possess a skill or experience that enables ETIP PV to pursue ist Mission. To ensure an efficient operation of the Platform, the ETIP PV is organised as follows:

- The Steering Committee is ETIP PV’s permanent decision-making body
- The Expert Pool is a group of experts who agree to be approached to participate in ETIP PV work through an ad hoc Working Group
- Ad hoc Working Groups are  proposed  for specific  tasks  by  the  Steering  Committee

SET-Plan Steering Group representatives or other ETIP representatives are welcome to Steering Committee meetings as observers.


ETIP PV gathers all the relevant stakeholders of the PV sector. Where appropriate we bring experts from neighbouring sectors into our discussions

Steering Committee

Pierre-Jean Alet, CSEM
Fabrizio Bizzarri, Enel Green Power
Christian Breyer, LUT University
Chiara Busto, Eni
José Donoso, UNEF
Roch Drozdowski, IPVF
Venizelos Efthymiou, FOSS Research Centre, University of Cyprus
Gunter Erfurt, Meyer Burger Technology
Ivan Gordon, EERA PV / imec
Walburga Hemetsberger, SolarPower Europe
Ulrike Jahn, VDE Renewables
Franz Karg, AVANCIS
Bianca Lim, ISFH
Philippe Malbranche, International Solar Alliance
Gaëtan Masson, Becquerel Institute
Richard Moreth, VITRONIC
David Moser, EURAC
Daniel Mugnier, TECSOL
Delfina Muñoz Cervantes, CEA Liten
Simon Philipps, EERA PV / ISE
Jef Poortmans, IMEC
Uwe Rau, Forschungszentrum Jülich
Eduardo Román, Tecnalia
Rutger Schlatmann, (HZB) PVcomB
Wim Sinke, TNO
Wolfgang Storm, Wacker Chemie
Marko Topic, University of Ljubljana
Jutta Trube, VDMA
Eero Vartiainen, Fortum Growth Oy
Harry Wirth, Fraunhofer ISE

Status as of August 2021

Executive Committee


Marko Topic, University of Ljubljana


Wim Sinke, TNO
Roch Drozdowski, IPVF

Working Group Chairs

Eero Vartiainen, Fortum Growth Oy (LCOE and Competitiveness WG)
Pierre-Jean Alet, CSEM (Digital Solar PV Systems and Grid WG)
David Moser, EURAC (PV Quality Assurance and Reliabilty WG)
Gaetan Masson, Becquerel Institute (EU PV Industry Forum WG)
Rutger Schlatmann, (HZB) PVcomB (Integrated PV WG)

Expert Pool

Download the list of Expert Pool members here

Terms of Reference

March 2016 (updated in May 2019), ETIP PV Terms of Reference