ETIP Photovoltaics

Social PV

ETIP PV social PV working group is responsible for examining socio-economic challenges and opportunities of PV deployment. It publishes factsheets and organizes webinars to inform stakeholders on the subject matter.

One of the primary goals of the working group will be to update Challenge 5 Socio-Economic Aspects of the Transition to High PV Contribution - ETIP PV ( of the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) PV PUBLIC CONSULTATION - ETIP PV ( ,  focusing on the socio-economic aspects of the transition to a high PV contribution.


Ivan Gordon, imec


Chiara Busto, Eni

WG Members:

Osbel Almora Rodríguez,Universitat Rovira i Virgili

Edouard Breniaux, Carnot Institute Chimie Balard Cirimat

Letizia Bua, Eni

Chiara Candelise, Imperial College London

Pinar Derin-Gure, Middle East Technical University

Alba Fernandez, Holaluz

Nouha Gazbour, CEA

Wander Jager, University College Groningen

Rudolf Kapeller, University Linz

Gokhan Kirkil, Kadir Has University

Hanna Kuittinen, Tecnalia

Penny Laurenson, Lightsource bp

Sebastien Lizin, UHasselt

Paola Mazzucchelli, Circe

Marwah Mansha, GCL System Integration Technology

Marcello Passaro, Sunzest Solar

Alessandro Sciullo, University of Turin

Roland Tual, Rescoop

Working Group publications

White paper: Towards Sustainable and Massive Deployment of Photovoltaics: The Nexus of Socio-Economic and Technological Challenges