ETIP Photovoltaics

May 4, 2022 – May 5, 2022

Shaping Europe’s Energy Future with Photovoltaics | ETIP PV Annual Conference 2022: Proceedings available

ETIP-PV’s 2022 Annual Conference “Shaping Europe’s Energy Future with Photovoltaics – Sustainable Manufacturing and Deployment” took place 4-5 May 2022. The event was focused on highlighting the status of photovoltaics (PV) and answering the following questions:

•    How can Europe’s position along the PV value chain be strengthened?
•    What are future challenges as PV deployment is increasing towards Terawatt levels?
•     What are innovative technological solutions for a sustainable Terawatt-PV?

The online event covered four sessions – with a mix of presentations and roundtable discussions –across two days, each one covering the challenges or opportunities of the transition to climate neutrality and a sustainable future with PV technology. The conference had an average of over 200 participants per session and was chaired by Dr. Simon Philipps (Head of R&D Strategy, Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE).  The conference opened with a welcome address from Dr. Philipps, who noted that shaping Europe’s energy future through PV technology was the “ambition and motivation” of ETIP-PV – particularly as PV was the “backbone” of the European Green Deal. He also noted that sustainability was key to PV’s future success, both in manufacturing and in large-scale deployment.

Conference Outline

Session I: Strengths of PV and Ongoing Initiatives
Session II: Technological Sovereignty for PV
Session III: Future Challenges for the TW-Era
Session IV: Technology for Sustainable TW-PV