ETIP Photovoltaics

June 26, 2014

Building on PV potential: turning our walls and rooftops into the building blocks of tomorrow’s energy system

Have you ever wondered what a smart house could look like? What if your roof, facades and walls could be more than just pillars of standing buildings?  What if they were, at the same time, genuine energy sources for our houses? Maybe this strikes you as a very bold and unrealistic idea?  And maybe you think that the tradeoffs outgrow the payoffs? Think again! Photovoltaics and products for home and building automation can provide concrete solutions to turn the very houses we live in, into power houses, by ensuring a smart management of energy flows within the building.

Join us for a workshop organised by the European Photovoltaic Technology Platform together with the European Construction Technology Platform and the European Building Automation and Controls Association to learn more and explore the emerging trends and future capabilities of these technologies!

The event takes place during the EU Sustainable Energy Week and is registered as an official “Energy Day”.


Thon Hotel EU
Meeting Room Germany
Rue de la Loi / Wetstraat 75
B-1040 Brussels, Belgium