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Dec. 1, 2016

ETIP PV Newsletter December 2016

Message from the Chairman

Dear Colleagues,
As I have mentioned, one of my goals as Chairman of the ETIP PV is to expand our reach enough to help strengthen Photovoltaic European Technology and Innovation around the world.
For that reason, I am pleased to congratulate our colleagues and friends on the successful 26th edition of the PVSEC that was recently held in Singapore.  We look forward to our continued knowledge exchange with a view to improving the competitiveness of the European PV industry.

I would also like to take this opportunity to wish you Happy Holidays and a Prosperous New Year!
Marko Topič
Chairman of European Technology & Innovation Platform Photovoltaics

ETIP PV applauds the Climate Change Accord in Marrakesh

ETIP PV was pleased to see the progress in regards to the Paris agreement at COP-22.  The Marrakesh climate talks affirmed the world’s strong commitment to international climate action and the potential role that renewables play to hold global warming to no more than 2C above pre-industrial levels.
The European photovoltaic sector with its strong R & D capabilities and its strong cell & module production technology will play a major role in the coming years. The Secretariat of ETIP PV  believes that the COP 22 meeting in Marrakesh delivered results showing the next steps. ETIP PV as a trusted partner of the European Commission will provide targets and recommendations to support the further development and the realization of COP 21 Paris agreement.

ETIP PV Steering Committee Meets in Ljubljana

The Steering Committee of the ETIP PV met at the University Ljubljana invited by the ETIP PV Chairman Marko Topič.
The Steering Committee of the ETIP PV reviewed strategy and corresponding implementation plan for research & technology development as well as the regulatory framework for the deployment of photovoltaic solar energy in Europe. Click Here for more

SOLARUNITED Becomes Partner in the PV Secretariat

The PV Secretariat welcomes “SOLARUNITED - THE GLOBAL SOLAR BUSINESS & TECHNOLOGY ASSOCIATION” as an industry association represented by Bryan Ekus and Bernhard Krause as new partners in the PV Secretariat. SOLARUNITED is a trade association focusing on Quality, Reliability, Innovation, and PV Technology.
The PV Secretariat consortium includes these 3 partners: the coordinator WIP, EUREC, and SOLARUNITED.

ETIP PV Upcoming Events:

24 January 2017                    Steering Committee Meeting, Brussels, Belgium
May 2017                               ETIP PV Conference, Brussels, Belgium
May 2017                               ETP SG General Assembly, Brussels, Belgium


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