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ETIP PV Newsletter June 2017_Urgent Call for Action to Ensure a Sustainable Future for European PV Manufacturing

June 1, 2017

Last week, we have distributed an Open Letter from the European PV Community to European policymakers in order to focus on the further development of photovoltaics in Europe.

Due to recent developments the industry is deeply concerned about losing core parts of the value chain. Losing one part will damage the remaining parts and put the EU's edge in PV technology at risk. Production sites in Europe are vital to keep PV's innovation ecosystem intact. Their future must be safeguarded as a matter of urgency.

The Open Letter is a joint initiative of ETIP PV, EUREC and SOLARUNITED to prevent loosing PV-production sites and to keep the value chain intact and strengthened.

Marko Topič, ETIP PV Chairman: “Photovoltaics (PV) is transforming Europe’s and the World’s energy system. It is strategically important for Europe to maintain strong involvement in this technology and contribute to the energy union and sustainable energy independence in Europe.”

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