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Sept. 26, 2019

BIPV – Moving into the Next Phase workshop on 12 September 2019

The workshop 'BIPV - Moving into the next phase' jointly organized by the Integrated PV Working Group of the ETIP PV and the IEA PVPS Task 15, succesfully took place in Marseille on 12 September 2019. This was an official parallel event of the European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition (EU PVSEC).

The event showcased some results of the international collaboration in the field of BIPV that was initiated by ETIP PV and IEA PVPS Task15 and discussed how national and international collaborations can help BIPV to move into its next phase of development.


In 2015, the IEA PVPS Task 15 collaboration started, focusing on the creation of an enabling framework for the acceleration of BIPV. Together with a number of other international research activities this has contributed to the international uptake of BIPV. In 2019, the first phase of IEA PVPS Task 15 will come to an end and a second phase is in development.

In 2014, ETIP PV started with a working group on BIPV, which was extended in 2018 to include all forms of integrated PV. With its activities, the Working Group IPV pushes the agreed target of the EU´s SET-Plan - Declaration on Strategic Targets in the context of an Initiative for Global Leadership in Photovoltaics (PV). This includes enabling mass realisation of "(near) Zero Energy Buildings" by Building-Integrated PV (BIPV) through the establishment of structural collaborative innovation efforts between the PV sector and key sectors from the building industry.

Programme and presentations

SESSION I: Results of five years of international collaboration

SESSION II: Entering the next phase of BIPV

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