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Sept. 8, 2021

ETIP PV Steering Committee Member Ulrike Jahn is the winner of the Becquerel Prize 2021

Our ETIP PV Steering Committee Member Ulrike Jahn received on Monday the Becquerel Prize for her outstanding merits in Photovoltaics.

Ulrike Jahn has dedicated her career to the development of PV technology, with a focus on reliability and performance that new electricity generation technologies must demonstrate to be accepted in the market. Her activities have evolved from working for the 1000-Roof PV systems program in the 90s, to module reliability characterization and PV system performance assessment, up to the definition and establishment of methodologies for good practice to reduce technical risks during the implementation and working life of PV systems. She became not only one of the world leading experts, collaborating with 80 experts all around the world, but also one of the face in the field and thereby a role model for young scientists and engineers.

Ulrike is currently a senior researcher at VDE renewables in Alzenau and she is the Operating Agent for Task 13 of the IEA PVPS program dealing with the performance assessment, operation and reliability of PV modules and systems.

Since 2018, we have the great privilege to work with her at the ETIP PV with a full commitment to support the role of Solar PV in transforming Europe’s and the World’s energy system.

Congratulations Ulrike!

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