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Sept. 25, 2023

Public consultation for the 2024 update of the SRIA PV

The SRIA PV (Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda for PV is open for consultation until 31/10/2023 for the 2024 update.


The SRIA PV, developed by ETIP PV experts in 2022, is the reference document giving incentives on the different challenges of the PV research and innovation. The SRIA five topics:

Challenge 1 : Performance Enhancement and Cost Reduction through Advanced PV Technologies and Manufacturing

Challenge 2: Lifetime, Reliability and Sustainability Enhancements (through Advanced Photovoltaic Technologies, Manufacturing and Applications)

Challenge 3: New Applications through Integration of Photovoltaics (for Diversified and Dual- Purpose Deployment and Enhanced Value)

Challenge 4 : Smart Energy System Integration of Photovoltaics (for Large-Scale Deployment and High Penetration)

Challenge 5 : Socio-Economic Aspects of the Transition to High PV Contribution


In the framework of the 2024 SRIA update, ETIP PV is conducting an open consultation to collect the community opinions on one or several topics of interest.

The survey gives you the opportunity to contribute in indicating the gaps in the PV research and innovation agenda.

Your responses will remain completely anonymous and confidential, and will only be used for research purposes.

Take some minutes to complete the survey by clicking on the button below:

Answer the survey
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