ETIP Photovoltaics

July 16, 2020

Solar Manufacturing Accelerator

The Solar Manufacturing Accelerator initiative, launched in May 2020 by SolarPower Europe and coordinated with ETIP PV and the strategic partners ESMC, IPVF and VDMA, gathered ten leading solar PV manufacturing projects aiming to producing solar PV cells, modules and wafers in Europe. These ten projects were presented to high-level policymakers and stakeholders during the Solar Manufacturing Accelerator Conference on 8 July 2020.

View the 10 solar PV manufacturing projects here:

The Solar Manufacturing Accelerator is open to all companies and organisations interested in developing or partnering on solar manufacturing projects. The platform will cover a broad portfolio of European solar manufacturing projects by identifying partners and reaching out to financial investors, with an overall goal of increasing the number of solar PV manufacturing projects in Europe, and contributing to the success of the European Green Deal.
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