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May 24, 2024

ETIP PV Conference - The Potential of Solar PV Technologies with Digital Tools for Responsive Power Systems

Thursday 23rd May (Brussels, BELGIUM): On 22-23 May, around 110 participants attended the European Technology and Innovation Platform for Photovoltaics (ETIP PV) conference in Brussels.

The conference highlighted the pivotal role of cutting-edge solar PV technology in transforming energy systems. As cyber secure digitalisation takes the forefront in technology discussions, the conference delved into its critical importance in protecting and optimising energy infrastructures. During the conference, solar PV innovators and wider energy stakeholders were united to discuss, explore, and advance the integration of solar PV technology into a sustainable energy future. 

The conference featured four panel discussions on solar PV systems effective control, energy sharing, solar PV flexibility, and the energy data space. The fourth session was co-organised with the European Technology and Innovation Platform Smart Networks for Energy Transition (ETIP SNET).

Technology is ready to respond to the demands of the Terawatt Era of renewable energies focusing on flexibility. Energy communities play a central role in engaging and empowering end-users to contribute to the energy transition. Implementing smart solutions within a supportive regulatory and policy framework will ensure the optimal development of these energy communities.

Lukasz Kolinski, Head of Unit of the Europeans Commission Directorate for Energy, opened the 2024 ETIP PV Conference, emphasising Solar PV’s contribution to a resilient and flexible energy system.

Panel discussions at the conference focused on the options and opportunities to integrate large amounts of electricity produced from solar PV to the market. Rutger Schlatmann, Head of the Solar Energy division at Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin, and ETIP PV Chairman, commented: “PV has come a long way from a cell-centered approach to be a major component of the energy transition and bring down costs. The ETIP PV conference has explored the different options and opportunities, to integrate more electricity produced from solar PV into the market. “

The conference also highlighted how the end-user will play an integral role in this energy transition, and solar PV at the forefront. Venizelos Efthymiou, first manager/ CEO of EPL, and Chair of the ETIP PV Conference 2024, stated that: “Solar PV technologies are constantly maturing in tandem with power electronics and storage flexibilities, becoming a reliable competitive energy source in support of the energy transition.

Concluding the Conference, Pierre-Jean Alet, Group leader of Digital energy solutions at CSEM and co-Chair of the Conference commented: “Photovoltaics is now relevant for the entire power system. Lively discussions and expert panellists provided a unique opportunity for the solar and grid sectors to build a common understanding towards action. Two insights stand out for me. Energy communities can be a cost-neutral way to broaden participation in the energy transition, and we are going to see the emergence of software-defined power networks."

Overall, this year’s conference provided a valuable platform for exchanging on the integration of solar photovoltaic technology into a responsive sustainable energy future.

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