ETIP Photovoltaics

Roadmap 2



Our vision is that in 2030, Pk-PV will have become the thin film technology with the highest market share for roof-top and utility-scale applications. For 2030 European Pk-PV R&D should achieve the following KPIs:

KPITarget Value (2030)

LCoE of Pk-PV technology should be equal to or lower than that for c-Si

CO2 footprint

High-performance and sustainable PV with LCoE of 25 €/MWh at medium irradiation levels of 1300 kWh/(m2a), e.g. in southern Germany for utili- ty-scale PV and <50 €/MWh for ‘Integrated Photovoltaic’ elements (4)

The yield-specific CO2 footprint of Pk-PV technologies should be <80 %
of c-Si production and Pk-PV modules should be fully recyclable.

Manufacturing and

Commercially available, Pk-based modules with an efficiency of >23 %