ETIP Photovoltaics

Roadmap 3



In 2030, there should be a strong position of mature thin film, non-perovskite PV in the market due to the specific ad- vantages thin film technology possesses. For 2030 European non-Pk thin-film PV R&D should achieve the following KPIs:

KPITarget Value (2030)
Market and Production

LCOE of CIGS and CdTe technology should be equal to or lower than for c-Si

CO2 footprint

Indium or tellurium reduction by a factor of 3 per watt with efficien cy > 20 % compared to 2020 standards

Materials and

Commercially available, Pk-based modules with an efficiency of >23 %

Market and Production
  • 10 % global market share for CIGS and CdTe-based modules
  • Commercially available, flexible CIGS-based modules with an efficiency of >18 %
  • Commercially available, OPV-based modules with an efficiency of >15 %
  • Mini-modules available from emerging thin film materials with >15 %