ETIP Photovoltaics

Roadmap 5



KPIs envisaged for this roadmap are:

KPITarget Value (2030)

BOS components should contribute to the general objective of mak- ing PV the most competitive energy source and achieve a LCOE of 0.025 cEUR/kWh and 0,05 cEUR/kWh for IPV

Operational LIfetime

BOS components should secure operational lifetimes of complete PV systems in the way of 50 years, similarly to PV modules or construc- tion materials

Market and Production

BOS should be available as the core element of PV integrated PV sys- tems, enabling the integration of PV everywhere: Low-cost adapted durable mounting structures, cabling and electrical components (e.g. PV connectors, DC switchgears, further safety components, etc.) for small or large PV system.