ETIP Photovoltaics

Roadmap 5



KPITarget Value (2030)
Lifetime in Eco-design

40 years for PV modules (defined as 80 % of
initial performance)
15 years minimum for all electronic / elec-
tro-mechanical components of the inverter,
including the software needed for the full
function of the device.

PV module Degradation rate in Eco-design

0.4 %/year

Delivery of the spare parts

Within 15 working days within Europe

EII classification> 25 % Products (Modules & Inverters) with a
minimum of “B”
Update of LCI databaseEvery year
Design for deconstruct strategies of tandem technologies, to separate top from bottom cells,
and facilitate EoL management
At least each individual printed circuit board and disconnectable component of the inverter
must be provided as an independent spare part
Annual update of the LCI database, including harmonization among the various reference pub-
lishers (IEA, ecoinvent, GABI ...)