ETIP Photovoltaics

Roadmap 7



KPITarget Value (2030)
Inspected PV plants using (semi)-automatic EL/PL

420 MW/day

Inspected and analysed PV plants using aerial IR (referring to
low-altitude IEC compliant detailed IR inspection)

6 MW/h

Failures or underperformance issues identified (root-cause
analysed) and recovered or isolated;

>90 %

Cost Priority Number of PV system (total cost of O&M,
insurance, warranty, etc.)
<10 Euro/kWp/year
Diagnostic accuracy for automated aerial IR imagery: false
<10 %
Diagnostic accuracy: modelled / calculated power loss for
automated IR imagery
>95 %
On PV plant level, common annual performance ratio (PR)
including periods of unavailability and after correction for
expected degradation in the field.
85 % for residential and small commercial plants
and 90 % for other plants
Proven system energy output per year; (verified by
extrapolating performance loss rate analysis and defining
contribution at single component level,)
at least 80 % of initial level for 40 years by 2030 PV
module degradation 0.4 %/y
Cost reduction on today’s per-schedule preventive or
corrective O&M as a result of reducing failures and limiting
unnecessary O&M tasks and predictive maintenance
by 10-15 %
Size of large-scale PV performance database50 GW included in the database with at least 3
years of average operational time by 2025 and 100
GW with at least 7 years of average operational
time by 2030