ETIP Photovoltaics

Roadmap 3



With the growth of agrivoltaic construction projects, it’s becoming increasingly important to ensure the presence of pos- itive synergies in installations and also to research larger, industrial scales comparing the systems to reference plots close by to evaluate the plant yield. The evaluation of these synergies naturally leads to two general key performance indicators resultant from the combined agricultural and photovoltaic system: plant yield and photovoltaic yield. A standardized methodology to evaluate this dual purpose would be beneficial.

KPIs that can be utilised for capturing progress in the above identified R&I fields are:

KPITarget Value
Plant Yield (economic value not
only defined by weight, but also
by quality)

Study and identify the most applicable use cases (crops)
based on climate and local agricultural necessities (2027)

Integrate rainwater collection by agrivoltaic installations
in optimised watering strategies (2030)

Photovoltaic Yield (impacted fac-
tors such as varying network feed-
in tariffs and self-consumption)

Understand visual impacts of agrivoltaic installations and
how to influence public acceptance (2025)