ETIP Photovoltaics

Roadmap 4



KPIs that can be utilised for capturing progress in the above identified R&I fields are:

KPITarget Value
System Design

Alignment with existing PV standards and develop new standards where needed. (2025)
Components (modules and electronics) with proven >20-year lifetime in floating solar applications, especially for application
in salty environment and under the impact of continuous movements (2027)

Optimised system designs (performance, lifetime, ecological impact and cost) for the subsequent wave categories (2030)

System designs with incorporated near-100 % circularity (2030)

ModelingPerformance models with high accuracy yield predictions that include the specific effects of cooling and system movements (2025)

Offshore floating solar installations for application in conjunction with an offshore wind farm, with optimised synergy on electrical
infrastructure, spatial planning and O&M (2027)

Bankability of floating solar at the level of standard solar parks, by a systematic build-up of data on performance and O&M (2030)