ETIP Photovoltaics

Roadmap 2



Possible KPIs that can be utilised for capturing progress in the above identified R&I fields are:
KPITarget Value
Systems to be commercially available for pro-
viding heating, cooling and hot water directly
from DC powered systems relying on PV as the
source of energy

By 2025: efficiencies surpassing 20 % com-
pared to AC alternatives

The hybrid AC / DC systems in buildings based
on PV as the energy resource.

By 2027: to be the norm in new buildings with
DC covering the needs for heating, cooling,
hot water and e-Mobility

The hybrid AC / DC energy community systems
resourced primarily from PV systems.
By 2030: achieve 30 % improved efficiencies
using DC as the prime source for heating,
cooling, hot water, DC appliances and e-Mo-