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Launch event & Cocktail: Implementation Plan of the Solar Europe Industry Initiative

May 7, 2013

Milan, Italy

To mark the launch of the new Solar Europe Industry Initiative (SEII) Implementation Plan, the PV community gathered for a workshop dedicated to photovoltaic innovation on 7 May 2013 in Milan.

While decreasing the costs and increasing the performance of PV systems remain the overarching objectives of technology development, other topics such as quality and integration in the electricity grid are emerging as priorities for the coming years.

  • Are companies throughout the PV value chain investing in R&D?
  • Are they finding the appropriate public support for their research activities?
  • What are the main innovation drivers?
  • How will these contribute to the competitiveness of the PV technology and companies?

Several experts from the industry provided their views and engaged with the audience in a debate. Members of the European Photovoltaic Technology Platform will present the main SEII Implementation Plan.

The event, was followed by a social gathering, held in conjunction with the SolarExpo exhibition and the Global Solar Summit.

Venue and contact

The event will take place in NH Fiera Hotel- Milano, Italy in conjunction with SolarExpo Exhibition and Conference.

For more information, please contact Scarlett Varga at


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