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ETIP PV Newsletter_Jan 2021_Enter the ETIP-PV Matrix

Jan. 14, 2021


The ETIP-PV Matrix is a joint initiative led by the European Technology and Innovation Platform for PV (ETIP-PV) and SOLARUNITED in close cooperation with ESCM, Solar Power Europe and the VDMA Photovoltaic Equipment. The ETIP-PV Matrix is an innovative solar supply chain online tool, that illustrates and links the complete PV Value Chain in Europe.
The ETIP-PV Matrix along with the Solar Manufacturing Accelerator will be the meeting point for all industry stakeholders to exchange cutting edge information and raise their knowledge about the future of the manufacturing industry in the European PV sector. As the European industry continues to grow, so will the ETIP-PV Matrix.

The ETIP-PV Matrix provides an in-depth overview regarding: 

•    Raw Materials
•    Wafer Technologies
•    Cell Technologies
•    Module Technologies
•    PV Integration Systems 
•    Operation & Maintenance   

What are the benefits? 
•    Enhance sales opportunities 
•    Increase the exposure 
•    Identify key suppliers 
•    Improve networking
•    In-depth resource 


How can you be listed in the ETIP-PV Matrix?

Registration is free of charge by visiting today!