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April 7, 2021

ETIP PV Experts are editing a Special Issue on 'Digital Innovations for PV Systems and Grid Integration' | Energies MDPI Journal

The 'Digital PV System and Grid' Working Group of the ETIP PV is guest editing a Special Issue on Digital Innovations for PV Systems and Grid Integration of the Open Access journal Energies MDPI.

This Special Issue is dedicated to recent advances in research, technology development, and validation (case) studies on different aspects and technologies for digital PV and grid applications. As such, these may fall, but are not limited, into one (or more) the following areas and their specific topics:

Advanced design/modeling/validation tools: algorithms for modeling, site assessment, and design optimization of new/emerging PV technologies (bifacial PV, integrated PV, floating PV); PV digital twins; energy yield modeling and simulations of new/emerging PV technologies;

Data-driven operations and maintenance (O&M): smart PV monitoring solutions; PV data analytics; advanced PV field inspections and diagnostics; unmanned aerial vehicles/drones for maintenance services; predictive maintenance; data-driven PV tracking optimization; advanced PV power forecasting (AI-based, sky imagery, etc.).

Streamlined control and energy management from PV to grid: IoT sensors for PV; PV as distributed energy resources (DER); PV and smart (micro)grid optimization; interconnectivity and interoperability with other (micro)grid components (energy storage, PV and electric, vehicles-to-grid (V2G), etc.); smart inverter as a cyber-physical system

Upscaling, deployment, services, and market: digital PV/grid solutions for local energy communities, smart districts, and cities; ancillary services; data-as-a-service (DaaS) for PV/grids; software-as-a-service (SaaS) for PV/grid; business models for PV/grid in the digital era, PV and distributed ledger technologies.

This Special Issue welcomes papers that either present new knowledge and advances in science and research engineering or provide a comprehensive critical review of the existing literature and state-of-play in one (or more) of the above topics.

ETIP PV experts Pierre-Jean Alet, CSEM, Ioannis (John) Tsanakas, CEA INES, Thomas Strasser, AIT, Grazia Barchi, EURAC Research and Saverio De Vito, ENEA are the Guest Editors.

Manuscripts can be submitted until 30 November 2021.  

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