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Nov. 23, 2020

Press Release - 'I3PV - Integrated, Innovative, Intelligent' Annual ETIP PV Conference with up to 200 Participants per Session - 20 November 2020

The European Technology and Innovation Platform for Photovoltaics (ETIP PV) has successfully finished its first virtual annual conference. The Conference 'I3PV - Integrated, Innovative, Intelligent' has highlighted the latest advances in all major Integrated PV applications and how they will contribute to the energy transition as well as EU-based value creation.

By 2050, when the world must achieve carbon neutrality, ETIP PV’s forecast based on conversion efficiency improvements and Solar PV’s declining cost is that solar PV will supply 70% of the world’s electricity generation. We will use solar PV to move, heat, cool, drive eco-friendly industrial processes, and produce fuels. Solar PV will be deployed everywhere, in systems large and small, designed for productivity and aesthetics as required. “Integrated PV” (PV deeply embedded into components used in the building industry or the car industry, for example) will play a key role in this scenario. This will be a profitable market for Europe, with a high potential for growth, which will bring numerous business opportunities. It needs R&D attention and accelerated innovation.

Marko Topič, University of Ljubljana and ETIP PV Chairman: “The annual ETIP PV Conference brought the current R&I in a variety of PV technologies and applications that will expand and accelerate PV deployment. It was wonderful to meet online the distinguished speakers and to get insights into the latest R&I trends that will pave the way to restrengthen manufacturing in Europe.”

The event was five sessions with a series of live panel discussions, distinguished speakers with expertise in the fields of BIPV, VIPV, PV in local energy systems, Agrivoltaics, and PV in water and infrastructure. In an average up to 200 participants registered for each of the five sessions.

Rutger Schlatmann, PVcomB, Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin and ETIP PV Conference Chair 2020: “With the I3PV Conference, the ETIP PV working group Integrated Photovoltaics was delighted to present the wealth of opportunities this field has to offer. If we manage to exploit these opportunities, we can create a large number of new jobs and at the same time contribute significantly to achieving our climate goals. Europe is leading the way in this area and we expect the conference to offered a very clear view on how industry, science, and politics can work together to bring it to full fruition.”

Rounding out the two days of interactive sessions was an energetic discussion between high-level representatives of the European Parliament, the European Commission, and SolarPower Europe on the topic of “The opportunity represented by Integrated PV applications on local value creation”.

Joining this session were Jutta Paulus, MEP Greens/EFA Group of European Parliament, Helene Chraye, Head of Unit - Clean Energy Transition, European Commission and Walburga Hemetsberger, CEO, SolarPower Europe. It was moderated by the Conference Chair Rutger Schlatmann along with ETIP PV’s Chairman Marko Topič.  


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