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Nov. 15, 2022

The ETIP PV kindly invites members of the PV community to share their expertise and join the ETIP PV working groups. Applications must include a CV and a description of your personal commitment are welcome until 30 November 2022.
The objective of the ETIP PV working groups is to define use cases and research needs. Its work combines inputs from practitioners with assessments of the state-of-the-art scientific literature, patent landscaping, gap analysis to define roadmaps and propose research themes. The working group provides networking opportunities among technical and market experts.

Experts are needed for four different working groups:

Integrated PV WG
The WG focuses on technological and business opportunities and challenges for large-scale 
applications of photovoltaics, specifically allowing for multiple functionalities of PV covered 
areas. For example, the working group will focus on integration of PV in buildings (BIPV), 
infrastructures (IIPV), vehicles (VIPV), agriculture (Agri-PV). In addition to the overall PV goal of 
lowering levelized cost of electricity, Integrated Photovoltaics applications can bring the extra 
value of decentralized, point-of-use electricity generation and simultaneously fulfil, e.g., a 
roofing, façade or sound barrier function.
Please contact Thomas Garabetian (

Digital PV and Grid
The WG focuses on the following challenges:
• The digitalisation and energy nexus, particularly PV powering (from PPA to real time PV 
supply for instance) and the right sizing digitalisation for energy impact
• Digitalisation of the grid: key elements linked to cybersecurity, notably regarding regulatory 
• The Interaction of data and the grid: forecasting, observability needs (integration into 
electricity market and contribution of PV to ancillary services)
Please contact Thomas Garabetian (

Social Science and Humanities
The new WG will examine the technological and material constraints, as well as the social, 
economic, and regulatory factors that could impede the adoption process of solar PV. By 
fostering the exchange of expertise between the technological and social disciplines, the SSH 
WG will ensure that technological and socioenvironmental-economic challenges are equally 
explored through ETIP PV.
Please contact Hanna Dittmar (

Reliability and Circularity
The WG focusses on the quality and in particular the reliability of PV components and systems. 
It aims to promote a holistic view of the influence of quality on the overall cost of PV electricity 
by increasing awareness for a comprehensive quality consideration starting in material and 
component production and covering all phases of a PV project down to operation and final 
The application for this working group should also include an indication of which subject you 
would be interested to examine of the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA).
Please contact Hanna Dittmar (

More information about the calls for experts is available on the ETIP PV Website: News - ETIP PV