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Jan. 23, 2024

ETIP PV Newsletter - January 2024

Recent publications

Since last November, ETIP PV produced valuable papers in the different topics:

Social PV white paper :
Towards sustainable and massive deployment of Photovoltaics: the nexus of socio-economic and technological challenges.

The newly established working group provides a set of recommendations to increase support, fund research and innovation, and engage with stakeholders and policymakers, by focusing on 4 key dimensions:
  •  Social Acceptance
  • Public Engagement
  • Skills and Workforce
  • Environmental and Social Sustainability
Download the white paper
LCOE factsheet:
Low-cost PV - The Key for Sustainable Future Energy System  
The factsheet shows how affordable solar PV is the key for electrifying the future sustainable energy system where fossils are replaced by renewable fuels
Download the factsheet
Industry PV white paper:
PV Manufacturing in Europe, ensuring Resilience through industrial policy 

Collapse of the global prices of PV modules driven by massive overproduction accelerated ongoing trends and presented new major challenges for European manufacturers that are unable to compete with the low-priced modules arriving on the market. The white paper covers:
  •  How the policy and regulatory framework has evolved for European companies in the PV sector
  •  Resilience of the European PV value chain, notably on the long-term
  •  Role of innovation in the growing wave of industrial policies in Europe
Download the white paper
On this occasion, a pv Magazine webinar has been organized on 16 January, to present the white paper and open a panel discussion on the role of research and innovation in the reshoring of PV manufacturing in Europe.
The event has been a great success thanks to the speakers: Peter Fath and Bianca Lim (leaders of the ETIP PV Industry working group), Ralf Preu (Fraunhofer ISE) and Gianluca Coletti (Futurasun).
ETIP PV Annual Conference 2024

We are thrilled to announce the upcoming dates for our highly anticipated annual conference on 22 & 23 May 2024 at Rue Ravenstein 4, Brussels.
For the 19th year, the ETIP PV Conference brings together European PV experts from research and industry in Brussels, to address various challenges faced by the PV sector in panel discussions.
Under the theme, “Digitalised and Responsive PV: The driver of Grid and Market evolution”, the event will focus on the importance of PV Digitalisation and Cybersecurity and which operational policies are needed place to ensure that PV Grid integration is not a bottleneck for the energy transition. 

Check out the conference page
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