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ETIP PV NEWSLETTER_May 2021_Main take aways of the Annual Conference Solar PV Big&Beyond

May 25, 2021

Solar PV Big & Beyond 
Delivering the 2030 climate targets to Europe

Annual ETIP PV Conference with close to 200 participants each session and more than 700 participants in total

The European Technology and Innovation Platform for Photovoltaics (ETIP PV) has successfully finished its 2021 virtual annual conference. The Conference “Solar PV Big & Beyond - Delivering the 2030 climate targets to Europe” discussed the challenges of delivering the 2030 climate targets to Europe in four sessions accompanied by a series of live panel discussions. On average, close to 200 participants registered for each of the four sessions.
Conference Chairman and ETIP PV Vice-Chairman Roch Drozdowski-Strehl stated: “We have entered a historic decade of accelerated deployment and innovation in clean technologies. As illustrated, all along the ETIP PV 2021 Annual Conference which gathered over 700 participants, it behoves the solar photovoltaic sector to play a key role in the global energy transition. Deeper cooperation amongst European partners and between the private and public sectors is crucial to make this transition a reality, and sustainably reshore renewable energy supply chains to Europe.”