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Jan. 24, 2020

Call for Posters of the ETIP PV Annual Conference on Integrated Photovoltaics 'I3PV - Integrated, Innovative, Intelligent'


ETIP PV invites experts to submit an abstract for the Poster Session of the Conference 'I3PV, Integrated, Innovative, Intelligent' taking place in Brussels on 5&6 May 2020. Selected authors will have the chance to present their projects over two days in two poster sessions of 30 minutes each.

We look for abstracts showcasing the benefits of all kind of Integrated PV applications including PV integrated in buildings, infrastructure and vehicles as well as agriculture photovoltaics and floating photovoltaics.

The abstracts could focus on: the role of Integrated PV in the energy transition and on EU local value creation, manufacturing, innovative PV technologies, contribution to lowering production costs, quality and reliability at manufacturing level, and in general the impact of integrated PV on the transformation of urban and non-urban landscapes.

How to apply

Send your abstract to the ETIP PV Secretariat via email ( by 20 March 2020.

Abstracts must be written in English and should include the following information:

• Lead presenter’s name, organization, email, and phone number (Contact person)
• Additional presenters’ names, credentials, and organization
• Aim of the project
• Scientific innovation and relevance
• Results or preliminary results and conclusions

The total length should not be more than two pages.

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