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April 30, 2024

ETIP PV Newsletter - April 2024

ETIP PV Annual Conference 

Digitalised and Responsive PV: The driver of Grid and Market evolution 
22 & 23 May 2024, 13:30-13:00 CET- Physical (Rue Ravenstein 4, 1000 Brussels, Belguim)

3 Weeks to go! Final Programme now available!

The conference will focus on advancing sustainable energy through intelligent PV systems for effective grid control. Cyber secure digitalisation has gained much prominence in the last few years. Fostering energy communities for shared sustainability is central in this evolution of technologies, ensuring PV responsiveness in adaptable power systems, and driving PV industry growth through digital responsiveness and effective data utilisation.

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Conference programme
Day 1 22 May

Opening Session (14.00 - 14.30)

Welcome speeches
Rutger Schlatmann (HZB-Institut PVcomB and ETIP PV Chair), Venizelos Efthymiou (University of Cyprus and conference chair), Pierre-Jean Alet (CSEM and conference chair), Walburga Hemetsberger (SolarPower Europe)

Policy keynotes

- Resilient multi-vector energy systems from the continental scale to the building level (Catharina Sikow-Magny (DG Ener, European Commission)) 

- Driving the RepowerEU process through a revamped market model with PV central in energy mix (Kochen Kreusel (T&D)) 

Session 1 (14.30 - 16.00) : PV systems intelligently contributing to effective distributed control

Nikolaos Hatziargyriou (NTUA), Michele De Nigris (RSE), Thomas Ackermann (Energynautics)

Session 2 (16.30 - 18.00) : Energy sharing building functional Energy Communities

Fabrizio Pilo (University of Cagliari), Tara Esterl (EUREC), Sofia Barbosa (Greenvolt)


Day 2 23 May

Session 3 (09.30 - 11.00) : Highly responsive PV in a flexible power system

Marion Perrin (Energy-Pool), Richard Morris (Baywa RE) (TBC), Gofran Chowdhury (3E), Eric Quiring (SMA)

Session 4 (11.30 - 12.45) : Enhancing PV industry efficiency through focused digitised control and data sharing architectures and models (ETIP SNET)

Natalie Samovich (Enercoutim), Laurent Schmitt (Digital4Grids), Nikolaos Hatziargyriou (NTUA), Pierre-Jean Alet (ETIP PV)

Closing speech (12.45 - 13.15)


EverPVX Resilex workshop (14.00 - 16.30)

Check out the full Agenda

Co-Programmed partnership announced

The European Commission has published its ‘Horizon Europe Strategic Plan 2025-2027’ in March, where it decided to form an official Co-Programmed European Partnership for solar photovoltaics with ETIP PV. The Commission and the solar sector are going to negotiate on the best possible format for the partnership, which will enter into force from early 2025.
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Successful social PV Webinar 

One month ago, ETIP PV hosted the webinar "Overcoming Socio-Economic and Technological challenges in PV Deployment" in collaboration with EERA to present the first white paper prepared by the social PV working group.
Download the white paper
The event attracted 100 attendees, where the experts mentioned the importance of the social-economic aspect in PV depolyment on four levels: 
-  Social Acceptance by further developing Energy communities to mitigate the global warming.
-  Public Engagement by enhancing local democracy 
- Skills and Workforce by integrating PV technology in education
- Standard Environmental and Social Sustainability by highlighting the importance of Social- LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) and ESG (Environemental Social Governance) for PV deployment.

The working group members who contributed to this successful webinar: Ivan Gordon, Alessandro Scuillo, Marcello Passaro, Chiara Candelise, Silvia Caneva, Wander Jager, Nouha Gazbour and Pinar Derin Gure.
Watch the Webinar
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