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Dec. 19, 2019
ETIP PV Newsletter December 2019

ETIP PV shares the vision of a sustainable future with a clean European and global energy system! Thanks to the abundant availability of sunlight, the technology’s modularity, and continuous cost reductions, Solar PV will become the largest source of energy worldwide and is able to meet the challenge of drastic decarbonisation.

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Aug. 13, 2019
ETIP PV during 36th EU PVSEC

36th EU PVSEC 2019 - This year’s European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition to be held on September 9 to 13, 2019 in Marseille, France.


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Dec. 1, 2018
ETIP PV Newsletter December 2018_Photovoltaic Solar Energy: Big and Beyond - ETIP PV Publishes Vision for Future Energy Supply

ETIP PV envisions a world with 100% renewable electricity supply where electricity is accessible to all and where electricity makes major inroads into satisfying the final energy demand for living including communications, zero-emission transport and mobility, efficient heating and cooling, and even sustainable fuels, chemicals and materials. By applying Solar PV, buildings will increasingly become places of energy production and not only of energy consumption.

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